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  • BabySeatInfo All babies and children must be in an approved seat

    In Victoria, it is law that all babies and children must be in an approved seat with appropriate restraints correctly fitted in all sedans and vans/people movers.
    There are 3 categories of seats available and approved.
    Please see below the 3 types of seats and the matching terms and descriptions used in Melbourne and Victoria.

We provide all these seats for our customers.
  • Capsule


    Up to 6 months

    For babies up to 6 months or more if the baby is still small enough to fit inside the restraints. The baby lies down and faces the rear of the vehicle

  • babyseats

    Baby Seat

    Up to 6 years

    For babies from 6 months up to 5 -6 years old, size depending. This is a sit up seat and is usually forward or rear facing.

  • Booster

    Booster Seat

    Up to 8 years

    When the child is large enough, they can sit in this full size booster seat and use the vehicle inertia-reel seat belt as a restraint until 7-8 years old. The small bottom only booster is now not allowed in Victoria.

  • PriceGuide Charges

    We charge a fee of $15 per seat which is additional to our transfer vehicle price. We must be notified of this when the booking is made as we will not carry a child unrestrained in our vehicles, as per state legislation.
    You are most welcome to bring your own seats with you therefore avoiding any charges.

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